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Yes, Easter meets 4th of July to kick butt at airsoft.

Step 1MaterialsEdit

image not found BB'sYour Average GuyPlastic EggYour Average Guyi«*[3]

You will need: 1.Tape 2.A Bottle Rocket (no stick) 3.Some 6mm Airsoft BB's 4.A Plastic Easter Egg 5.A Screwdriver

Step 2PokingEdit

image not found iPoke a hole in the top of the egg with the screwdriver. Easy enough?

Step 3Feed the Rocket Fuse through the HoleEdit

image not found Goes through hereYour Average Guyi«*[7]

Yet another easy step. Do I have to explain myself? Sorry about the pics.

Step 4Get It TogetherEdit

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Put some BB's in the Bottom part and put it together, then add some tape around the edge to keep it closed, preferrably duct tape. Edit: Put more tape around it than in the photo

Step 5Have Fun!Edit

image not found iNot really intended to blow your friends' brains out. Not liable for angery neighbors finding BB holes in their windows. Happy Easter/ 4th of July/ Airsoft day/ Whatevercredits:Your Average Guy

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