it is a fairly simple recipe for making an air soft grenade, you will need: Baking soda, Vinegar, a Ziploc bag, scissors, a spoon, air soft bbs(optional) and a water bottle preferably a thin one such as crystal geyser or nestle pure life, also I recommend eye protection.

  • Please note i am not responsible for you or your actions, if you hurt yourself or others don't blame me.*

Step 1MaterialsEdit

image not found iAny type of vinegar should do, i recommend a thin plastic water bottle such as Crystal Geyser or Nestle pure life bottles.

Step 2Edit

image not found Fill with vinegar to here.lstone666Sorry about the bad pictures my camera isn't the best.lstone666iFirst empty your water bottle, by either drinking it, Yea, or dumping it out on the ground, no. Then insert as many bbs as you want. then mark about half way up your bottle and fill it with vinegar to your mark.

Step 3Edit

image not found i«*[1]

Next cut the zipper off your plastic bag, then carefully take the bag, not the zipper, and insert it into your water bottle of vinegar but not all the way leave the opening to the bag and stretch it over the side of the water bottle, do not let the bag fall in!

Step 4Edit

image not found Sorry about the fuzzy picture.lstone666i«*[3]

Next put your baking soda into the bag using your spoon, i recommend 6 or 7 spoon fulls of baking soda, now is the most crucial part so do not let your bag fall in.

Step 5Edit

image not found Doesn't look too scary but just wait.lstone666i Next screw on your cap over a slim part of the bag for transporting small distances, if you are going to be running long distances i do not recommend leaving the bag in the bottle but instead inserting it when you are ready to use the grenade.

Step 6Using your grenadeEdit

First put on your eye protection! Then to prime your grenade simply unscrew the cap and push the plastic bag into the bottle, then screw the cap back on tightly and shake the bottle a few times then throw it, it works best if you throw it against something hard, if it does not go off right away it will go off but it might take a while.credits: Slayerfan666 at

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